Self-Managed Rostering: Math Educator import file specification

To self-roster Educators for any Math Suite products (Imagine Math PreK-2, Imagine Math Grade 3+, and Imagine Math Facts), download the Math Educator import template (a CSV file which includes these columns) and populate these required fields in the Educator import file with your data. Then you can use the Import Wizard to import your educator data into the Math Suite. Educators can also be assigned manually to a classroom.  

Field Description
first_name (required)

Specifies the educator's first name.

last_name (required)

Specifies the educator's last name.

teacher_email (required)

Specifies the email address for the Educator. The email address must contain all lowercase lowers and be in this format: username@domain (for example,

Educators will use their email address to log in to the Imagine Learning Math portal, so all email addresses must be unique within your district.

classroom_name (required)

Specifies the name of the primary classroom that you want to assign this educator to.


In order to assign an Educator to multiple classrooms, they need to be first created in the educator import and can be added to additional classrooms during the student import