How is Math Time calculated? - Imagine Math Pre-K-2 and Grades 3+

Math Time will only accumulate while a student is working within an item/exercise or a Benchmark. This means that any time spent on the homepage, redeeming points, or loading an item/exercise is not included within this measurement.

Math time is calculated by a timer that starts once the student has loaded an item/exercise. Once the student has answered the questions and clicked on the Next button; the amount of time on the timer will be saved, and the timer will be reset. This will continue to happen for each item/exercise that the student works on until they exit or have gone idle for 10 minutes. Once the student has completed an item/exercise, the time spent on the item/exercise will be added to the student's math time. (See also Viewing Math Time)

Please note that due to how Math Time is calculated if a student is working on an item/exercise and is unable to complete it before exiting, the time spent on this item/exercise will not be added to their Math Time measurement.