Reviewing student results from the Reading Level Assessment (RLA)

After your students have completed the Reading Level Assessment (RLA), you can review their test results. Administrators can review test results for any student in their school or district. Teachers can review test results for any students that are assigned to them. To find out if a student has completed the Reading Level Assessment, check their student testing status.


Students who are eligible to take the Reading Level Assessment must be in Grade 2 and have completed or placed above Beginning Book 48.

Administrators Teachers

To review Reading Level Assessment results

  1. Log in to the Literacy Suite. If this is your first time logging in, choose Imagine Language & Literacy.


  2. Click the Growth widget or click Growth in the Dashboard drop-down menu.


  3. Click Reading Level Assessment in the navigation bar. Click the Grade Level, or Class that you want to review test results for. Choose the Testing Period that you want to review results for (for example, click the Beginning-of-Year testing period). 


  4. Select the class that you want to view test statuses for.


    If a student has successfully completed the Reading Level Assessment, you'll see a Lexile score listed for that testing period. You'll also see the start and completion date for that testing period, as well as any year-to-date composite change in their scores across testing periods. If a student has not successfully completed the Reading Level Assessment, check their testing status.


  5. Compare your students' Lexile scores with the grade-level proficiency ranges below the results table. You can also view representative reading texts to see which texts correspond to that grade-level range.