Understanding the Imagine Español Placement Test

Before students take the Imagine Español Placement Test, Administrators and Educators should understand what the Placement Test measures, how the test determines placement, and when the test will be administered.  


Kindergarten students do not take the placement test, as they will start with the kindergarten curriculum.

When the Placement Test is administered

Students who are new to Imagine Learning take the Placement Test only once during the school year—the first time they log in to Imagine Español. Students can start and complete the Placement Test at any time and the test window will never close. 


The Placement Test is enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

Educators should plan on at least 25 minutes to administer the Placement Test. Because the Placement Test is adaptive, students may take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to complete the test, depending on the student's knowledge, skills, and understanding of Spanish Language Arts. 

What the Placement Test measures

The Imagine Español Placement Test determines students’ proficiency in key skill areas and then places them in the Imagine Español curriculum so they can receive appropriate and adaptive instruction. The placement test uses small groups of questions called testlets to efficiently determine the student’s current knowledge and skills of Spanish Language Arts. Testlets quickly assess students decoding skills along with their independent reading abilities. The content for the testlets was developed by Imagine Learning’s Content Experts in conjunction with the Imagine Learning Assessment Team. The placement test was designed with a strategic approach based on our team’s knowledge of grade-level standards in Spanish Language Arts and understanding of what students should master when. This strategic approach places students appropriately while allowing students who perform below grade level to exit early and students who are at or above grade level to invest time in demonstrating their knowledge.

How the Placement Test determines a student’s placement

The primary function of the Imagine Español placement test is for students to be placed into the appropriate grade level for success. When students begin the placement test, they initially receive test questions that are on or below their rostered grade level. Students in first grade will begin with kindergarten testlets, and students in grades 2-5 will begin with a first grade testlet. As students work through the placement test, it adapts to their knowledge and skill level, which means the students will see test questions at various levels of difficulty. Students will be placed based on the level of mastery they demonstrate in the placement test; however, students will not receive an initial placement that is beyond their rostered grade-level. For students who need enrichment, the adaptive curriculum within Imagine Español will provide students the opportunity to go beyond their current grade.