Recording Lesson Explorer and Portfolio activities in Imagine Español

Imagine Español includes activities where students record themselves talking and reading. These recording activities allow students to practice language production and then review their recordings to check their progress. You can see when students play these activities by finding them in the Lesson Explorer.

The recordings for some activities are saved to the student's Portfolio, where Administrators and Teachers can review them and award Booster Bits to the student for their effort or performance.


If you are not using the latest version of the Imagine Learning Student app, you may not see all of these activities. Download the latest Imagine Learning Student app to access all these activities.

Curriculum Area Activity Name Description
Syllable Recognition

Students construct syllables to form regularly spelled words for syllable families. They read and record words that contain the target syllables.

Phonological Awareness
Combinación de sílabas Práctica

Students see individual syllables on the screen and record themselves sounding them out. Then they combine syllables to form two- or three-syllable words.

Phonological Awareness
Combinación de sonidos Práctica

Students blend letter sounds to form words and record themselves saying each word. Then students choose the correct pronunciation of the word in a multiple choice question.

Decodable Words, High-Frequency Words
¡A leer!

Students read and record themselves decoding words and pronouncing them correctly, individually and in a sentence.

Escribe conmigo

Students spell words with both regular and irregular spelling patterns. Then students record themselves saying the words.

Grade-Level Reading
Mis primeros libritos

Students read and record themselves reading a literary or informational emergent-reader text that features specific syllable structures. Then students listen to their recording.

Oral Reading Fluency
Fluidez lectora

Students read and record themselves reading a literary or informational grade-level text for one minute.

Reading Vocabulary Vocabulario de lectura - Introducción (Vocabrinco)

Students learn vocabulary words or phrases found in the book. Then, students record themselves answering an open-ended question by using the vocabulary word or phrase.