Adding student accounts in Imagine Math Facts

If you are a District Administrator, School Administrator or Educator, you can add new student accounts to classes either individually or in bulk, and add existing student accounts to classes individually. Individually means adding each student's information one at a time, and to only one class. In bulk means adding multiple new student accounts to one or multiple classes all at once, using an import file. If you have both Imagine Math and Imagine Math Facts, you can add student accounts to a class and assign them to both products at the same time.


Imagine Learning recommends that you wait to add next year's student accounts until your district has determined their Yearly Reset date. On your district's Yearly Reset date, all student and classroom data is removed. If you add student accounts for the next school year before the Yearly Reset date, your student accounts will be deleted.


When you see Managed by SIS next to accounts or classes, it means that your district uses a Student Information System (SIS) integration tool to manage school administrator, educator, class, and student accounts within your district. To update information for these accounts, contact your district's IT staff since they have permissions to make account changes.

Other tasks related to adding student accounts