Adding a staff account in the Literacy and MyPath suite


This article applies to the following products:

  • Imagine Language & Literacy
  • Imagine Español
  • Imagine Reading
  • Imagine Lectura
  • Imagine Galileo K-12
  • Imagine MyPath, Imagine Science Corner, Imagine Purpose

Staff are individuals who use the educator portal to manage students, access Teacher Resources, and view student data and reports. Each staff user needs their own account in order to log in and look at the data of the students under their purview. Staff can be administrators, teachers, interventionists, coordinators, or other specialists, but in the portal, they are designated as either Teachers or Administrators. Teachers and Administrators have different account permissions based on their role. 

Usually, creating staff members is done as part of the initial rostering process performed by administrators. However, Administrators may add a staff account throughout the year, update a staff member's password, groups, or contact information, or delete the account of an educator no longer with the organization.

To add a new staff account:

  1. Log in to the Literacy and MyPath suite
  2. Click Manage Staff
  3. Click Add.

  4. Enter this information for the new staff account:

    Field Description
    First Name Enter the staff member's first name.
    Last Name Enter the staff member's last name.
    Account Type The account type determines which staff account permissions the user has in the educator portal. Choose one of these account types:
    • Administrator: This account type allows you to create and manage organizations and groups, as well as manage all student and staff accounts. If you are an Administrator, you can change your role at any time.
    • Teacher: This account type allows you to see only your groups and student accounts. Teachers do not have permission to create or manage organizations or other staff accounts.
    Username (Email)

    Enter the email address that the staff member will use to log in to the portal.

    Organizations Choose the staff member's associated organization(s) from the drop-down list. 
    Groups Choose the staff member's associated group(s) that this staff account is assigned to from the drop-down list. 


    Staff member accounts automatically inherit the product access of the organization to which they are assigned. For example, if the district purchased Imagine Español and Imagine Lectura, all staff automatically get access to both products.

  5. If you are creating multiple staff accounts, click Add Another Staff Member.
  6. When you are finished creating staff accounts, click Save Staff.
  7. Click Close in the confirmation window. The newly added educator will receive an email notifying them that their account has been created. They must click the link in the email to set their own password.