Lock/Unlock/Submit Tests (as a Teacher)

1. Hover over Assessment, hover over Test Results, click Test Monitoring


2. Select the appropriate District, School, Class, Library, and Test

3. Click the lock icon to the left of a student's name, and select Lock, Unlock, or Submit



The lock icon in the header will lock/unlock/submit the test for all students. The lock icon by each student's name locks/unlocks/submits the test for the individual student.

  • Lock - Locks a student from the test if they have not submitted their test.
  • Unlock - Unlocks a student from the test if they had been locked out of a test by the educator OR if they have submitted their test and need to be let back into the test.
  • Submit - Locks the student from the test and, if using Imagine Learning curriculum, activates the sequencer to place students on their learning path. Please note, upon completing the test and exiting, students are prompted to submit their test.

Note: You must have "Write" or "Read-Only" permission to the test library in order to lock/unlock students. (see Library Builder, click Edit, and from there the access level is listed in step 4) Users with "Results Only" permission will see the locking status but cannot lock/unlock the student's test.