Proficiency Levels vs Expected Growth

Proficiency Level (Performance Level)

The student's proficiency/performance level shows where the student is performing compared to the expected performance for both their grade and where they are at in the school year. The levels are split into 4 ranges of Developmental Level Scores: Minimally Proficient, Partially Proficient, Proficient, and Highly Proficient.

The Developmental Scores corresponding to each Proficiency Level will increase in the reports for the Middle of Year tests, and again in the reports for the End of Year tests, as students are held to slightly higher standards as they progress throughout the school year.

Expected Growth

Expected Growth is an estimate of how much a specific student's score can be expected to increase between tests. It is calculated by multiplying a Daily Growth Constant by the number of days in between tests.

To learn more about expected growth, you may view the Daily Growth Constants here.


Though Proficiency Levels and Expected Growth and both increase over time but they are not calculated using the same formula, and do not represent the same measurement. Proficiency Levels are a measurement of student's proficiency at certain points of the year, whereas Expected Growth is a student-specific estimate of how much they might be expected to improve between tests.