Enter Observation by Class

1. Click on the tab labeled Assessment

2. Hover over Enter Observations and select By Class from the drop down menu


3. Make the appropriate selection for the following drop-down menus:

  • Center and Class
  • Developmental Area (Scale)
  • Observation Date (defaults to today)
  • Source (the way the observation was made)


4. Work either by entering information by column or by row

  • Record Multiple Observation s for an Individual Child (column)

To record goals for a specific child for multiple capabilities, work within a column.

  • Record Observations for Multiple Children (row)

To record a specific goal for multiple children, work within a row.

5. Click in the box to the right of the goal  mceclip2.png and a checkmark appears.

6. (Optional) Enter an anecdotal note if desired

i. Click the number to the left of the capability you want to mark as Learned.

ii. A text entry box appears. Today’s date and the capability are automatically populated. Edit the date, if necessary.

iii. Type notes below the capability.

Click the Record button.

Note: Anecdotal notes are optional and are linked to the goal

7. Click the Save Changes button or the mceclip1.png icon below the title of the Knowledge Area.

8. Double check that the checkmarks have turned black to show that the information is saved.

Note: If any anecdotal notes were entered, they now apply to all children who had red checkmarks in that capability’s row.