Optional Testing Features

When scheduling a test the following optional features can be set/modified:

Note: Some optional features won't show up until you have selected a Class, Library, and Test.

Set a time limit for the test

1. check the Timed Test checkbox

2. (optional) check the Allow pause checkbox

3. define the Test Time Limit by entering the number of minutes

Include Accommodations for Students

1. (optional) Click preview test with text-to-speech to preview the tool that can be provided to selected students. Text-to-speech is available only on benchmark tests

Note: Kinder and 1st-Grade benchmarks are automatically spoken to students

2. To apply this accommodation to specific students, click Selected Students

3. Click to highlight the name of the student(s) to whom you'd like to provide access to the Text-to-speech tool.

4. Use the single right arrow button to move a single student or double right arrows button to move all students. The selected students are then moved to the Selected Students box

5. Click the X once the students are selected to close the window

6. Click Save text-to-Speech button.

Posting Student Scores to the K-12 Student-Parent Center

1. To post students' scores in the K-12 Student-Parent center check the appropriate checkbox and select the date and time you'd like to make the scores available to students

Note: The date/time of the posting of student scores must occur after the end date/time (To field) of the Testing Availability

Post Student Responses

1. Selecting the corresponding checkbox will allow students to view the test items and their responses once their scores are posted

Calculator Type

1. Using the checkboxes, you can select which type of calculator to make available for the student to use while taking the test online.

Note: For benchmark tests Galileo automatically selects the appropriate calculator, and this calculator selection can only be overwritten by a district-level user

Allow Students to Use the Online Dictionary

1. Selecting the Include Dictionary/Thesaurus checkbox will allow a student to use the online dictionary/thesaurus as they work through the test

Allow translation into language of students' choice

1. Selecting the corresponding checkbox will allow a student to use Google Translate for the test you are scheduling.

Randomize test questions

1. Selecting the corresponding checkbox will randomize the order of the test questions when the student takes the test

Note: The randomize feature only applies to tests taken online

2. Do not randomize

a. Kindergarten or 1st grade assessments. These tests often contain read aloud test items.

b. Any other test that contains read aloud test items should not be randomized.

c. Technology Enhanced Early Learning Assessment Series

d. Certain English College Prep benchmark tests

e. Automated Scoring Key (ASK) tests

Create a Test Password

1. Type a password into the password field OR select the checkbox next to No Password