Scanline Tips and Troubleshooting

Tips and Troubleshooting

  • Print test answer sheets prior to printing bubble-sheets and worksheets for all students. (SeeĀ Testing the Scanner)
  • It's very important that students bubble-in answers completely and darkly. Lighter answers are harder for the scanner to pick-up.
  • Some printers may not work well for printing bubble sheets. If the printing quality is too low or Adobe Acrobat settings are changed, the printed bubble sheet might not scan well. Try using another printer or adjusting the printer settings if you have problems.
  • Bubble sheets (answer and grading sheets) and worksheets are all facing the same direction - the Test Title must be face up, fed first into the scanner.
  • Occasionally the scanner may not read a barcode correctly. If this occurs, you should first attempt re-scanning the paper. In Scanline, you can double-click the scanned sheet in the list to view the scanned image. This is useful for identifying which paper had problems. If re-scanning doesn't work, you can enter the scores manually. See Viewing/Scoring Test Items for more information
  • Do not adjust advanced scanner settings. If you do, test the effects of your changes. For example, a significant brightness change can distort the image and affect scoring.
  • Refer to the Setup Tab for additional Scanline plain-paper setup options.

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