Setting Up Scanline

Note: Only legacy stand-alone accounts can login to scanline. Any account that can be used to login through won't work for scanline, only accounts that can login through will work for scanline.

Login to Scanline

1. Click the Scanline link on the computer's desktop.


Note: If you haven't yet installed scanline, see: Downloading and Installing Scanline

2. Use your Galileo login name and password to login and check Scanline settings or begin using Scanline.


Verify Settings

Scanline's Setup tab allows you the ability to adjust certain features to better suit your needs.


The general settings are as follows:

Prompt User when closing the application If checked, this enables a pop-up window to appear, notifying the user that they are exiting the application.
Reject Answer Sheets with more than the following percentage of unanswered questions If checked, this ensures that blank answer sheets are not scored and recorded as an assessment for the student in question.
Show properties window when scanning Only WIA driver users will need to check this box
Select scanner/driver... Allows you to choose which scanner/driver you would like to user, such as TWAIN or WIA. Always use the TWAIN driver unless one is not listed; most Galileo-supported Brother scanners include TWAIN drivers.
Advanced Options... These options are used when working with ATI's technical support staff.
About Scanline Displays the product information, including version
Tips for resolving scanning problems Information for troubleshooting problems.

See also: Scanline Tips and Troubleshooting