Bulk Schedule History


The Bulk Schedule History displays all scheduled events (tests, assignments, and units) done using the Bulk Scheduler tool. Edits to scheduled events can be made from the Bulk Schedule History, including the deletion of scheduled events.


Bulk schedule history only tracks bulk schedules.


1. Click Assessment > Test Scheduling > Bulk Schedule History



A Launchpad tile can be set up to directly link to this option. See Launchpad for more information.

Select Scheduled Event

1. The schedules that are listed differ for different user-levels

a. District-level: sees all bulk-schedules created for the selected test

b. School-level and Class-level: only sees bulk-schedules that user created, and will receive a message if they select a test schedule created by someone else.

2. Select the Scheduled event type (Test, Dialog, or Unit)

3. Select the School or All Schools from the School drop-down menu

4. Select the test library from the Library drop-down menu

5. Select the test from the Test drop-down menu

Edit Testing Schedule

These instructions are for modifying the test schedule for all scheduled classes. To edit the testing schedule for an individual class, refer to the View/Edit Scheduled Class [link pending] section, Add a Class [link pending] section, Remove a Class [link pending] section, Edit Instructor of Record [link pending] section, and Remove Scheduled Class [link pending] section

1. Click the pencil next to the testing schedule you would like to edit, or click on the desired schedule link under Testing Period

2. Make your edits to the schedule

a. This option does not modify the Instructor of Record

b. The Teacher information is done via the View/Edit Scheduled Class [link pending] steps

c. Modify the calculator student has access to during online testing

d. Modify the dictionary/thesaurus field to enable or disable access to this tool for students during the test