Bulk Scheduler Tool

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Access Bulk Scheduler

The directions provided below are for bulk scheduling a test. Scheduling an assignment, unit, and lesson plan are very similar.

Access Via Assessment Menu

1. Click Assessment

2. Select Test Scheduling

3. Select Bulk Scheduler


Access Via Calendar

1. Click the Calendar icon    blobid1.png

2. Click the Schedule button

3. Select Bulk Scheduler from the drop-down menu


Bulk Scheduling Steps

Select a Test

1. Select the Library that houses the test you would like to schedule

2. Select the Test(s) you would like to schedule

Note: If you're assigning a benchmark for students using Language & Literacy then make sure the format of the test you select is similar to the following example "2019-20 Galileo 00 ELA Benchmark #1"

i. Tests of the same grade level are generally scheduled at the same time. (e.g. all 6th grade tests, then all 7th grade tests)

3. Click Next>>

Select School(s)

1. Select the School Type


2. Select the School(s) for which you wish to schedule a test

Note: If you need to select multiple schools of different types, simply change the School Type and then select the new school

3. Click Next>>

Filter Classes

1. Filter the classes at the schools for which you wish to schedule the assessment. You may filter by one or all of the following

a. Select the Course Grade Level at the schools for which you wish to schedule the assessment

b. Type in characters from the Course Code (e.g. MAT, ALG, GEOM)

Note: You may enter up to ten course code filters, each separated by a comma

c. Type in characters from the Class Name

Note: You may enter up to ten class name filters, each separated by a comma

d. Select the Student Grade Level at the schools for which you wish to schedule the assessment

2. (optional) Place a checkmark in the Only include classes not already scheduled for the test box.

3. Click the Next>> button

Note: When the selected grade level(s) do not match the test's grad level, a warning message appears letting you know that a tests has an incorrect grade level set.

Select Classes

1. Place a checkmark by the classes for which you wish to schedule the test

2. Select the Instructor of Record. The default is the individual designated as the class's teacher. When scheduling a test for:

a. under 1000 classes, the Instructor of Record selection is part of the bulk scheduling process. The scheduler may change the Instructor of Record default.

b. over 1000 classes, the scheduler cannot edit the Instructor of Record during the scheduling process. After scheduling the test, the Bulk Schedule History can be accessed and editing can be done there. (Refer to the Bulk Schedule History for further details.)

Set Test Time Range

1. Select the date and time for which you would like the test to be available for students to take.

a. When administering the test online, you will only want to make it available for the amount of tie that the students will have available to take the test. If you make a test available for longer than that, a student could log into the system, retake the exam, or change his or her answers.

b. A test must be scheduled in order for bubble sheets to be printed

c. Completed test bubble (answer) sheets and, when applicable, worksheets may be scanned into Galileo at any time. Scanning may, but does not have to, occur during the dates and times you have established

d. The printing of worksheets is in no way dependent on scheduling a test

2. Click the Next>> button

Review scheduling information including advanced options

Calculator Options

Note: The State-provided default calculator is automatically included for online benchmark and protected formative assessments. Only District-level users may override the selected calculator.

1. If you are scheduling one test, you'll need to click the checkbox next to the desired calculator. If you don't select one, the listed recommended calculator will be made available by default.

2. If you are scheduling multiple tests, you'll need to first click Click here to view/update the available calculator for the student

a. Select the appropriate checkboxes in the popup window, then click Save and Close


Other Options

1. You may edit the desired testing date in the Test Availability box

b. By default the test does not have a password. To define a test password, remove the check-mark in the No Password field and type the test password in the Password box. A password only applies to tests scheduled for a class and are administered online.

c. You may choose to Randomize Items, enable the Translator, enable access to the Dictionary/Thesaurus, and enable Text-to-Speech (if applicable).

d. In the Post Scores and Student Responses, you can select what information you'd like to post in the k-12 Student-Parent Center, and when you'd like to post it.

Finalize Schedule



2. You will be notified that the test has been scheduled. The test will then appear on the Teacher Dashboard's Calendar page and on the Class Calendar page. [link pending]

Note: If the scheduled event needs to be edited and the event was scheduled using the Bulk Scheduler tool, the edits must be done using the Bulk Schedule History.