Scheduling Tests

For help accessing the Schedule Test page, see: Accessing Schedule Test Page

For customers using Galileo integrated with other Imagine Learning Products, see also Scheduling Using the Easy Benchmark Scheduler

Scheduling the Test

1. Verify the Filter Mode


a. If you selected Default mode, select the School and Class

b. If you selected Intervention Group, select the Library and Intervention Group

2. From the Test Library drop-down menu, select the library that holds the test you wish to schedule

Note: In order to schedule a test, you must have Read-Only or Write permission to the test library

3. From the Test drop-down menu, select the test you wish to schedule

4. (optional) Click preview to preview the test

5. Make sure the appropriate teacher is selected from the Instructor of Record drop-down menu

Note: The Instructor of Record can be edited once the test has been scheduled/taken if needs be. See: Edit/Delete a Scheduled Test

6. Under Test Availability select the desired date and time of the test


You will only want to make the test available for the amount of time that students will have to take the test. If the test is open longer than that, a student could log back into the system and change his or her answers.

You cannot change the From date once the first student's score is saved for the test

7. Edit Optional Testing Features

Saving the Test

Clicking Save will save the test, and the scheduled test will appear on the Teacher Dashboard and Class Calendar.