Test Scheduling Overview


In order to administer an assessment in Galileo, a test must be scheduled. A benchmark assessment can be scheduled by an Galileo user. However, access to the scheduling of a test is based on the library permission (e.g. only District-level users have the Secure Library and Results Only permission test libraries.) Tests can be scheduled using the Teacher Dashboard, Class Calendar, or using the Bulk Scheduler Tool.

Scheduling Tips

  • A default calculator, similar to the one provided on the state test is automatically included for online tests. District-level users may override this calculator for benchmark and protected formative assessments.
  • The student may select their language of choice when the translate option is selected during the scheduling process. The Google Translate tool does not work for custom technology-enhanced items, Inspect® items and Certica® items.
  • You must have Write or Read-Only permission to the test library.
  • In order to edit a test scheduled for an Intervention Group, you must have Write permission to the associate Intervention Group library
  • Tests are scheduled by class or for an Intervention Group
  • It's best practice to make the test available for the amount of time that students will have available to take the test. If not, students can access the tests after they completed it and "re-take" their test by changing their answers.
  • They way that assessments are scheduled will impact the report results. It is ideal to schedule assessments only for the classes in which students will take the test. Limiting who is scheduled for a test will allow for more accurate measuring of participation.
  • If your students will be taking the test with en and paper (offline), you will still need to schedule the test for the date and time that you will manually be generating the bubble sheets.
  • Once bubble sheets have been printed or the test has been taken by students, it cannot be deleted.
  • To ensure accurate growth expectations, scan answer sheets as soon as possible after administration.

Scheduling from the Teacher Dashboard Page

Users may schedule a published test, for offline or online test administration, from the Teacher Dashboard page. School-level users and District-level users may schedule a test from the Class Calendar page.

Schedule test from the Teacher Dashboard:

Accessing Schedule Test Page   Scheduling Tests

Edit/Delete a Scheduled Test

Scheduling using the Bulk Scheduler Tool

The Bulk Scheduler Tool in Galileo allows users to schedule grade-level tests across the district/charter school, at selected schools, and for selected classes as needed. This tool may be used for offline and online assessments.

Bulk Scheduler Tool

Bulk Schedule History