Student Assessment History


The Assessment History report provides a convenient way of reviewing a student's performance on all assessments (benchmark, formative, external) and across multiple years in one place. This report presents the raw score and percent correct on all Galileo assessments that are listed. For benchmark assessments, the report also lists the student's Developmental Level (DL) Score, and percentile rank. The student's scaled score or any other type of score obtained on external tests (e.g. state standardized assessments) is presented on this page as well when such data has been provided by the district/charter school.

NOTE: If you would like to see a DL score for your students then request analysis with testing activity.

How to Access Assessment History

From the Launchpad

1. Click the Assessment History tile on the Launchpad

If you need to add the Assessment History Tile. See Launchpad for more information

From Teacher Dashboard Page

1. Access the Roster Widget

2. Select the Student Assessment History icon mceclip0.pngnext to the student in question

From the Enrollment Page

If you wish to view a student's assessment history but do not know what school or class the student is in, you may search for the student and then access their assessment history

1. Access the Enrollment Page

2. In either the District or School section, type the student's name or ID number in the search field

3. Click on the i by the student's ID number mceclip1.png

4. Click Assessment History

From the Student Demographics Page

1. Click Student

2. Click Demographics


3. Select the appropriate School, Class, and Student

4. In the Options box click Assessment History

From Reports Menu

1. Click Reports

2. Select Test Sets

3. Select Assessment History


Note: A Launchpad tile can be set up to directly link to this option. See Launchpad for more information.

4. Select the School, Class, and Student for which you wish to generate a report.

5. Select the school year(s) for which you wish to see assessment results

6. Determine if you would like to see the assessment history of Benchmark Tests, Formative Tests, and/or External Tests


7. Click Run Report

8. Information related to the assessment the student took will appear

9. To generate the report for all students, click View Report for All Students link once the Assessment History report is generated for one student. Each student's history is generated on a new page.