Roster Widget

The Roster widget displays the roster for a class or Intervention Group and current and upcoming birthdays with quick links to the student's login information and Student Assessment History report. Before you administer an assessment or provide an assignment electronically, you must have an updated class or intervention group roster in Galileo.

To Access the Roster Widget

1. Click on the Dashboard icon or the Dashboard tile


2. Hover over the Dashboard menu option and select Teacher


3. In the Dashboard widget select either the Class or Intervention Group radio button

a. If you selected the Class radio button, verify that the appropriate School and Class are selected.

b. If you selected the Intervention Group radio button, select the Intervention Group Library and the Intervention Group


4. Locate the Roster widget


Located on this widget

a. A list of all students in the selected class/intervention group or filtered list

b. A Search field allowing the user to search for a student by first or last name

b. (based on security) Manage Enrollment icon mceclip6.png see Enroll a Student for more information

c. Print Roster icon

The Roster report may be generated from the Enrollment page's Report icon


Refer to Access the Enrollment Page for more information

 d. Show all Students icon mceclip2.png

When a search is applied, clicking this icon removes the filter and displays all students

e. Birthday icon mceclip3.png

Lists today's and upcoming birthdays. The printer icon to the right of these icons prints the birthday list.

f. Quick View of Student Information (e.g. student login information)

g. Student Information Page mceclip1.png

h. Student Assessment History mceclip0.png

Roster not up to date?

If your class roster is not up to date, you should let your administrator know that your Galileo class roster needs to be tended to. If it is your responsibility to manage students, you can refer to Add a New Student, Enroll a Student, and Drop A Student.