Staff Accounts Overview (Standalone/Legacy)

Account Types

There are three types of staff user levels in Galileo

User Level The individual is a . . . Description
Class-level Teacher, Specialist

When this user logs in, they will have access to information regarding the students in their class. 

School-level Principal, Assistant Principal This user has access to information regarding all classes and all students at their assigned school(s). 
District-level District/charter school administrator This user has access to all of the schools, all of the classes, and all of the students in their district/charter school. 

There is an additional user account in Galileo, a Student-level user. This user has access to the K-12 Student-Parent Center. Students complete assigned assignments, events, and tests. Both students and parents can view test results, and both share the same login information.

Data Import

Most districts/charter schools opt to submit a data upload to ATI to reflect the Class-level information to their district/charter school during a school year instead of manually entering this information.


View Other Users

Users with "Allow user to add/modify/delete other users" on the Staff Accounts page only sees themselves and user levels below them. They do not see other users with the same user-level. For example, a School-level user sees themselves and Class-level users withing their school. They cannot see District-level users, other School-level users, and Class-level users from another school.

User/Login Name Guidelines

A user/login name must be at least four characters with a maximum of 40 characters. Alphanumeric characters may be used for the login name.

Password Guidelines

The password requirements are as follows:

  • Must be at least 6 characters
  • Cannot contain the Login Name
  • Cannot contain the first or last name
  • Cannot contain the characters: '--, *, #, or %
  • Cannot contain the word "password."