Overview of Courses and Classes in Galileo (Standalone/Legacy)

Courses and Classes in Galileo

Prior to adding a course or class to Galileo, you should discuss this with your Galileo Administrator. This is because most districts/charter schools opt to submit a data upload to ATI to reflect the new courses and/or classes during a school year instead of manually entering this information. These directions walk you through data entry of a course and/or class. Please refer to the Technical Guide for Lead Staff [link pending] manual for further details.


Courses are a teaching category that is further defined by specific classes. For example, in high school, there may be a "Spanish 1" course. Classes (sections) are created that are tied to that course. The classes are all the different Spanish 1 classes taught at different times and by different teachers. Typically elementary schools and elementary school districts/charter schools set up courses that correspond to grade levels.