Students Hacking Web Page Values

Students are able to alter or "hack" a web page by editing what is called the Markup, or code. Students can do this on any modern web browser that we support without much technical experience, and unfortunately Imagine Math is unable to prevent this due to that it is client side edits. For example, if the student is using Google Chrome they would simply need to right-click on the element within the page, and from the context menu click on the Inspect Element menu item. This will bring up the developer console where the students can change the values of the Markup that they desire. This can also be done in Internet Explorer, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox just as easily with a few different steps. Please note that any page refresh or revisit of the page will result in changing back to their proper values that are on our server.

We recommend the Educator always rely on their Student Progress Reports as the source of truth, and when students are stating they've earned more points or completed more lessons than the Student Progress Report shows, have the student refresh the web page and all will be restored to it's true data.