What happens if my student fails a lesson?

When a student fails a ‘Target’ lesson, he or she will be prompted to complete a ‘Remediation’ lesson (if the precursor is available). Upon successful completion, the student will ‘Retake’ the lesson previously failed. In the event that no precursor is available, the student will move to a ‘Retake’ of the failed lesson immediately. 

If a student is unable to successfully complete the 'Retake' on their 2nd try, the lesson will appear at bottom of the pathway for a 3rd attempt later.  The student will then be moved to the next concept in his or her pathway.  If a student is unable to pass the lesson on a 3rd attempt, the lesson will not be seen again in the current pathway enrollment. 

Our pathways are designed in this way for two main reasons: 

  1. To prevent the frustration of the student from repeating material he or she is struggling to master.
  2. To allow teachers an opportunity to intervene and provide one-on-one attention to help the student understand the concept(s) he or she is struggling with.