Can the Warm-Up Game be turned off?

Imagine Math games provide meaningful practice, helping students build fluency with supporting knowledge, understanding, and skills so they can better see relationships in new content. Our games are designed so that success in the game is based on success with the math, not just success in mastering the game play. Our games provide dynamic, in-game feedback for students plus opportunities for revision that allow students to learn and deepen math skills and understanding.

Imagine Math's Warm-up Games cannot be removed from their respective lessons. However, students have the option to skip the games. We encourage students to enjoy these games with Imagine Math's 3 goals in mind:

1.  Activate Prior Knowledge - By relating content to fun and interactive games!

2.  Engage Students - A fun way to help 'hook' the student into the lesson.

3.  Practice Skills - A chance to complete more items, increase opportunities for points, and encourage work in the program.