Setting a Classroom Goal in Imagine Math 3+

Imagine Math 3+ students can contribute their THINK points to classroom goals such as pizza days or a movie event. As students work through lessons, they earn THINK points. THINK points are awarded for completing lessons, and additional THINK points are awarded for performing well on the lesson. Students can use their THINK points to design their avatar, donate to classroom goals, or to donate to charity.

In order for students to contribute to classroom goals, School Administrators and Teachers must create the goals and the points needed to activate them. 


There can only be one active goal at a time per class, and student donations may take up to 24 hours to appear in the teacher dashboard.


Classroom goals apply to Imagine Math 3+ users only, not PreK-2 users.

To create classroom goals

  1. Log in to Imagine Math
  2. Click Motivation > Classroom Goals.


  3. Click Manage Classroom Goals.


  4. Choose a goal from the drop-down menu.


  5. Click Create. 


  6. After a goal has been created, the Create button changes over to Edit.


  7. As applicable, click Edit and use the drop-down menus to change the Goal and/or Points


  8. Click Save