Student Progress Report - Lesson Activity Symbol Descriptions

What do the symbols in the Lesson Activity section of the Student Progress Report mean?

Symbol Descriptor Description
Green Check Mark Indicates a passed lesson.
Red 'X' Indicates a failed lesson.
Yellow Triangle

Indicates a student has failed a specific on-grade level lesson twice after working through the remedial lessons added to his/her pathway. This lesson will now be added to the end of his/her individual pathway.

Grey Open Circle

Indicates an on-grade level lesson on a student’s pathway.

Grey Filled Circle

Indicates a remediation lesson on a student’s pathway as a result of his/her performance on any of the benchmark tests.

Pathway Lesson Progress Line

Indicates a student’s progress along pathway lessons.

Benchmark Lesson Progress Line

Indicates a student’s progress along the lessons added to his/her pathway as a result of their performance on any benchmark test.