Accessing Pathway Options & Settings

Imagine Math Pathways are designed to create customized learning experiences for students that are aligned with a specific set of standards selected by your organization. The pathways available are developed by Imagine Math based on benchmark grade level assessments or they can be custom created by a teacher or administrator. 

When creating a Custom Pathway, Educators have Pathway Options to choose from. These can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Edit existing Custom Pathway: Content> Learning PathwaysCustom> Click Edit next to the appropriate pathway


  2. Create a new Pathway: Content> Learning Pathways> Click Create a Pathway 


Pathway Options 


Use Benchmark Test Remediation: If checked, students scoring below grade level on the Benchmark 1 test will receive remediation lessons throughout their pathway.

Use Pathway Remediation: If checked, students who do not pass lessons on their pathway will receive remediation lessons, if eligible.

Skip Problem Solving Process: If checked, students will bypass any Problem-Solving Process activities in Lessons on the pathway. 

Allow Test Out: If checked, students scoring 80% or greater on a Pre-Quiz will test out of the lesson and move on to the next lesson.

Require Pre-Quiz: If checked, students will be required to complete all Pre-Quiz activities. Students will not have the option to skip the Pre-Quiz.