Editing (Add/Remove/Move) Lessons in a Custom Pathway

Imagine Math pathways are a sequence of Imagine Math lessons designed to create learning experiences for students that are aligned with a specific set of standards selected by your organization.  Students' default pathways are rostered grade level pathways that can be modified by a student's performance on placement tests like the Imagine Math Grace 3+ Benchmark Test or the NWEA Map Growth Assessment

Teachers can create and assign custom pathways for students to provide targeted instruction. Custom Pathways can be used to: review a skill taught in class, provide learning opportunities over extended school breaks, or supplement their existing math curriculum. Custom pathways allow an educator to arrange lessons as they see fit to meet a student's needs. These custom pathways can be edited as needed based on the student's progress. 


Edits made to a custom pathway are only realized for the student if the student has NOT yet encountered that lesson.

  1. Access the Imagine Math Suite
  2. Select Imagine Math.


  3. Click Content and select Learning Pathways.


  4. Click Custom and then click Edit by appropriate pathway.



    You can only edit pathways that you authored.

  5. Scroll down to access the Lessons section. Drag and drop lessons between Available Lessons and Selected Lessons columns. The lessons can be dragged and dropped to reorder them as needed. 


  6. Click Save.