Pathway Completion - Next Steps

Q:  A student has completed a pathway and needs more lessons.  How do I know what pathway I should next assign?

A:  Start with a review of the student's current progress. You can do so by pulling up the student's individual progress report, and using the pathway drop down menu to select their completed pathway. Note which lessons were passed (grade level or remediation), and which lessons required second attempts.  How high were the passing scores? How much time was spent on the failed lessons... on the passed lessons?  It is very important to gain an understanding of the student's quality of work in the completed pathway. 

After you've completed the review, you are ready to make an informed decision. You can decide whether to re-assign the same pathway, assign a lower- or higher-level pathway or create a custom pathway.

Option 1:  Pathway Reassignment  

  • Recommended if the student seems to have quickly 'clicked through' lessons, failing many of them, did not access Math Helps (visible on the Overview Report), and does not have a journal/notebook to detail quality of work on the problems. 
  • Assign an Imagine Math Pathway

Option 2:  Assigning a Lower Level Pathway

  • Recommended if the student struggled through the lessons, did not pass many, but spent quality time on them, clearly used the Math Helps, and has a notebook/journal detailing their struggles on the problems. 
  • Assign an Imagine Math Pathway

Option 3:  Assigning a Domain/Content Specific Pathway

  • Recommended if student shows that they struggled on specific topics, but did alright in the majority of the pathway, utilizes the Math Helps, and also has a journal/notebook detailing quality work and struggles in the lessons.
  • Create a Custom Pathway
  • Assign a Custom Pathway

Option 4:  Assigning a Higher Level Pathway

  • Recommended if the student passes the majority of the lessons on first attempts (test outs), has a low number of helps, has a journal/notebook detailing the quality of their work, and is an overall high-achieving student.  If your intent is to challenge the student a little more, then this is an ideal solution.
  • Assign an Imagine Math Pathway