Adding educators in the Imagine Math suite


This article applies to Imagine Math and Imagine Math Facts.

Before educators (School Administrators and Teachers) can log in to Imagine Math, they must have an educator account. You can add educator accounts or you can invite educators to Imagine Math. (When you add an educator, you create the educator's password, which they can change once they log in. If you invite an educator, they can set up their own password.)

If you are a District Administrator or School Administrator, you can add educator accounts (School Administrator and Teacher) accounts to Imagine Math. You can add educator accounts individually, or you can add teacher accounts and classes through bulk import.

After you add Teacher accounts individually, you'll also need to assign the teacher to a class. If you add Teacher accounts through bulk import, you can specify the classes they are assigned to in your CSV file and import them. 


Imagine Math requires each educator to have a unique email address specific for each role that they are assigned. For example, if you have an educator who performs the duties of both a School Administrator and Teacher, you'll need to create multiple accounts for themeach one with its own unique email address. You can use a secondary or personal email address when you need to create multiple accounts for a single user.  


When you see Managed by SIS next to accounts or classes, it means that your district uses a Student Information System (SIS) integration tool to manage school administrator, educator, class, and student accounts within your district. To change teacher and class assignments, contact your district's IT staff before adding or updating educator accounts.