Adding educators individually in Imagine Math Facts

As a District Administrator or School Administrator, you can individually add a School Administrator or Teacher account and set their initial password, in Imagine Math. (In this article, "teacher" encompasses all roles equivalent to a teacher.) While Teacher accounts can be added individually or in bulk, School Administrator accounts can be added only individually. After adding a teacher account, you'll need to assign them to a class. If you prefer to add one or more teachers and their classes both at the same time, you'll need to use the bulk import method instead. School Administrators can add other School Administrators, but can't edit or deactivate their accounts. 


Only District Administrators and School Administrators have the ability to add school administrators and teachers to a school . 


When adding educators individually, the account holder does not receive an automated email with their username and password, therefore, you'll need to provide them that information. Once they log in, they can change their password.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure that if you see Managed by SIS, you check with your district's IT Staff, prior to adding a an educator's account. 
  • Review the Adding educators in Imagine Math Facts article, to determine if this is the method you should use for adding your educator. 
  • Make sure you have the educator's full name, email address and a password for them, prior to starting the steps below. 

To add an educator individually

  1. If you are a District Administrator, click Management > Schools, find the school, then click Educators under Actions.


    Alternately, in your dashboard Quick Links, click View Schools, find the school, then click Educators under Actions.

    If you are a School Administrator, click Management > Educators in the navigation pane.

  2. Click Add School Admin or Add Teacher, depending on which type of account you want to add.


  3. Enter the First and Last names, Email address, a Password and retype the password to Confirm it.


  4. Click Save.

    You are returned to the Educators for [school name] page where you can scroll or search to find the educator you just added.