About Site Codes in the Literacy, Math, and MyPath suites

What is a Site Code?

Each school or district has a unique Imagine Learning Site Code to distinguish it from other Imagine Learning schools or districts. Most Site Codes are determined by the first seven digits of the school or district's National Center of Education Statistics (NCES) number. Private schools receive a custom Site Code from an Imagine Learning representative.

Why do I need a Site Code?

Your student's Site Codes is a necessary part of their login authentication process. In other words, students must have their Site Code, in addition to their username and password, in order to log in to Imagine Learning products. For more information, see Logging in to the Literacy and MyPath Suite and Logging in to the Math Suite.

Teachers and Administrators do not need a Site Code to log in to educator portals.

How do I find my student's Site Code?

For information about finding your student's Site Code, see Finding your student's Site Code.