Available Launchpad Tiles

The tiles available to a user are based on the user's permissions. A Class-Level user, School-Level User, and District-Level user may not have access to the same tile option. However, there are many tiles that all users can place on their Launchpad. In addition to the ones listed below, users may create customized tiles. See Manage Tiles & Customize Tiles for more information.

Achievement Level Score

Add Subjects

Aggregate Multi-Test

Aggregate Test Scores

Annual Data Setup

Assessment History

Assessment Planner

Assign Forms

Assign Subjects

Assignment Types

ATI Dialog Bank


Automated Scoring Key

Bank Builder

Benchmark Calendar

Benchmark Planner

Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results By Groups

Bulk Schedule History

Bulk Scheduler

Calculated Form Report


Certify Items


Class Development Profile Grid

Class Test Scores


Custom Form Report

Custom Test Report

Cut Scores


Data Checker-Form

Data Export Activity

Data Import Activity

Data Upload Planner

Development Profile

Development Summary
Dialog Builder

Dialog Monitoring

Dialog Reports

Digital Curriculum Builder


District Activity

Enter Grades

Enter/Schedule Assignments

Equation Builder

Even Calendar

External Test

External Tests

Forecast Report

Form Builder

Form Worksheet

Formative Results

Generate Benchmark Tests

Give test

Grades Report

Grading Periods

Group Data Entry

Individual Development Profile

Individual Development Summary

Intervention Alert

Intervention Groups

Item Analysis

Item Count Report

Item Development Report

Item Family

Item Family List

Item Family Review

Item Feedback

Item Parameters

Keyword Search

LDAP Settings

Lesson Plan Builder

Library Builder

Login Announcements

Map Specification

Midterm Report

Move Items

My Staff Information

Order Assessment

Parent Notification

Print Test Materials

Program Year

Quiz Builder

Report Builder

Report Card

Report Card Grades

Rescore Tests

Resource Builder

Schedule Lesson Plans

Schedule Test


Score Tests

Search Dialog Bank

Set Grading Scales


Staff Accounts

Standards Achievement Level

Standards Assignment

Standards Attendance

Standards Builder

Standards Midterm

Standards report Card

Student Accounts

Student Class Schedule

Student Demographics

Student Enrollment

Student Files

Student Growth and Achievement

Student Multi-Test

Super Agency

Teacher-Managed Assessment


Test Blueprint

Test Builder

Test Data Import

Test Development Report

Test Editor

Test Monitoring

Test Review

Testing Activity

Training Data Setup

Unanswered Items

Update Standards Mastery

User Activity

User List

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