Student Glossary

The Student Glossary provides students with words, along with their definitions, that are often used within mathematics which can also be found within Imagine Math items. If there is a word found in the Student Glossary that is being used in an Imagine Math item, the word will be highlighted in blue. The student can click the word in order to launch the Student Glossary and read the definition.

To Launch the Student Glossary

1. Start an Imagine Math lesson

Educators can access lessons via Lesson Explorer

2. Click Tools

3. Click glossary

To Change Glossary Audio Support Language

1. Click the Students tab

2. Click the edit pencil on the far right of the row with the desired student's name.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the student account information, and select the desired Glossary Audio Support Language from the drop-down menu. The text will remain in English but the audio should play in the selected language.


4. Click Save