Creating a new playlist from the Activity Explorer

Administrators and Teachers can create a new activity playlist from the Activity Explorer for any group that's been assigned to them. A playlist is a customized list of activities that you can create and assign to students for extra practice or intervention. You can also create a playlist of Imagine Learning-recommended activities from the Action Areas Tool. If are an Administrator you must be assigned to a group before you can create playlists. 

To create a playlist from the Activity Explorer

  1. Log in to the Literacy Suite. If this is your first time logging in, click Imagine Language & Literacy.


  2. Click Activity Explorer > My Playlists.


  3. Click New Playlist.


  4. Type a name for your playlist, then click Save. 


  5. Choose your new playlist from the My Playlists list to add activities to it.


  6. Click Add Activities.


  7. Find the activities that you want to add to your playlist using the search box or by clicking different skill areas tiles.



    You can't assign activities from the Academic Vocabulary, Decodable Words, and Reading Vocabulary skill areas to a playlist. You can access them from Lesson Explorer within the Teacher Resources.

  8. Choose the topic you would like to select activities from.


  9. Click ( LL-myPlaylistAddActivityAddBTN.png) and then choose your new playlist from the list of activities. Repeat this step for each activity that you want to add. You can add up to 12 activities to a playlist.  


    You will receive a confirmation message after you delete the playlist.