What is PSP?

PSP is our five step Problem Solving Process.

Goals of PSP:

1. Situate the mathematics of the lesson in meaningful and appropriately complex problems. 

2. Teach students a problem solving process that they can use in other situations and that includes reflection on their thinking.

3. Help students move between multiple representations of a problem situation including context, diagram, word equation, and numeric representation.

The 5 Steps:

1. Analyze the problem situation

   a. Identify what the problem is asking.

   b. Identify the quantities in the problem.

   c. Select a diagram that models the problem situation.

2. Plan to solve the problem

   a. Think about why writing an equation is a useful strategy for solving the           problem.

   b. Describe how the quantities in the problem are related.

3. Solve the problem

   a. Build a word equation to represent the problem situation.

   b. Solve the equation.

   c. Interpret the solution.

(When students require additional assistance from a live certified math teacher, they can utilize the Math Help button within the Solve the Problem step.)

4. Justify your solution - explain why the solution makes sense.

5. Evaluate the problem solving process - think about how writing an equation helped you solve the problem.