Invalidating Benchmark 2 or 3 Test results in Imagine Math Grade 3+

If a student receives a Benchmark Test 2 or 3 Test score that doesn't seem appropriate for their skill level, School Administrators and Educators can invalidate those scores. After invalidating the assessment an Educator or Administrator can assign a new Benchmark Test.


Once you invalidate Benchmark Test results, they cannot be restored. Invalidating a Benchmark Test will remove the previous Benchmark Test scores from any reports.


District Administrators and Customer Administrators cannot access the Benchmark Roster so they are not able to invalidate Benchmark Tests.

Administrators Educators

To invalidate Benchmark Test results

  1. Log in to the Math suite.
  2. Click Management > Benchmark Roster in the navigation pane.


  3. Click Invalidate in the column for the Benchmark Test that you want to invalidate.


  4. Click Invalidate to confirm that you want to invalidate the Benchmark Test results for this student.


    You'll see a message at the top of the screen saying that you've successfully invalidated the Benchmark Test results.