Using Imagine Math Grade 3+ Benchmark Data to Inform Instruction

Imagine Math's Benchmark Tests are designed to evaluate where students are in regard to grade level of enrollment and then to monitor progress change as they work through their individualized learning pathways. 

All students are required to take the first benchmark test as their first action in Imagine Math. The student’s nominal grade level (as provided by teachers or administrators when the student account is created) will be used to determine the “starting point” for the adaptive Benchmark 1 test. 

Using the Quantile® Framework, each student receives an initial Quantile Measure (QM) upon completion of the Benchmark 1 test, and two additional benchmark tests at intervals throughout the year track progress at the student, class, school, and district levels. These assessments produce a Quantile Measure, Performance Level, (Advanced, Proficient, Basic, Below Basic, or Far Below Basic), a Normal Curve Equivalent (NCE), and a Percentile Rank.

Each of these data points are designed to give teachers insight into students' abilities, as related to work completed in the Imagine Math Program.  Once a teacher reviews a student's results, and takes into consideration the student's individual Progress Report, he/she has a better picture and understanding of the student's academic needs as it pertains to Imagine Math.  A teacher may want to consider changing a pathway based on these results; but should also take into consideration the student's regular classroom work abilities, special learning needs services (if any), and the overall academic performance of the student. 

You will want to reference our Imagine Math Benchmark:  Using the Quantile Framework to Inform Instruction document for more information about interpreting student results.  You will also want to review some information on what to do when students complete a pathway here.