Checking student completion status for the Placement and Benchmark tests in Imagine Language & Literacy


This article only applies to organizations who have chosen the default embedded Benchmarks as their placement/assessment method in Imagine Language & Literacy. This article does not apply to students taking the Galileo ELA Benchmark or the NWEA™ MAP® Growth Assessment. 

As your students take the Imagine Language & Literacy Placement and Benchmark assessments, you can view their testing completion status from the educator portal. Teachers can check the status for students who are assigned to them. School Administrators can check the status for any group or student in their school, and District Administrators can view the entire district. For anyone with more than one group, you can view a roll-up summary before drilling down into the group-level report.

To view students' testing completion status:

Click on the applicable tab to learn how to check student testing status.

Summary/Roll-Up Level Group/Student Level


These instructions apply to users with more than one group (class). If you only have one group, follow the instructions in the Group/Student Level tab.

To view a count of students who have statuses of Completed, In Progress, Not Started, and Expired:

  1. Log in to Imagine Language & Literacy
  2. Click into the Growth widget or select Growth from the Dashboard drop-down menu.


  3. The Growth page opens on the Benchmark Test tab. In the top right corner, the View opens on the Status tab. In the top left, select the applicable Grade and Testing Period from the drop-down menus. For Teachers and School Administrators, test status is displayed by Grade at the top of the screen, followed by Group at the bottom.



    District Administrators will have a slightly different screen layout—one section for Grade at the top and another for Organization (school) at the bottom. You can click on a school name to drill down into the groups (classes) at the school.

    The number of students in each status displays in the applicable column:

    Column Description
    Eligible Students The number of students who are eligible to take the Benchmark you selected in the Testing Period drop-down menu. Students are eligible to take the Benchmark test if at least 93 days have passed since they completed their Placement test. 
    Completed Students who have finished the test for the Testing Period you selected.
    In Progress Students who started the Placement or Benchmark during the test window you selected but have not finished it. Once a student begins a Benchmark test they have 28 days to complete it, even if they begin the test on the last day of the testing window. Students can start and complete the Placement test at any time.
    Not Started Eligible students who have not started or who have had the test disabled, plus students who are unable to start because the required 93 days have not yet passed since they took the Placement test.
    Expired Students who started the Benchmark test during the test window you selected but did not finish it within 28 days. 


    • When an Expired test is reassigned, it still displays Expired until the student finishes the reassigned test.
    • The Placement test never expires.
  4. Optional: Click on a grade level or group name to view more detailed information for each student in the group.