Reviewing student results from the Placement and Benchmark tests in Imagine Language & Literacy

After your students have completed the Placement test or Benchmark test,  Administrators can review test results for any student in their school or district, and Teachers can review test results for any students that are assigned to them. If you are unsure if a student has completed either assessment, you can check student testing status from your dashboard. 

You can view the Placement test and Benchmark test scores at the same time from the same view. 

Administrators Teachers

To review results from the Placement or Benchmark test:

  1. Log in to Imagine Language & Literacy
  2. Click the arrow at the top of the Growth widget. 


  3. The Growth report opens to the Benchmark Test tab. School Administrators see a table for Grade and a table for Group.
    To review test results for an individual school, class, or student, drill down by clicking the School, Class, or Student name.
  4. Choose the Grade, Curriculum Area, and Testing Time Periods that you want to view. In the Curriculum Area drop-down menu, you can choose to view Literacy or Oral Vocabulary scores. In the Testing Time Periods drop-down menu, you can choose to view student results from individual test periods (such as Beginning-of-Year or End-of-Year) or for multiple test periods together (such as Beginning-of-Year and Middle-of-Year).

  5. Click Gains to see results for the Placement test and Benchmark test for each testing period, including the most recent Benchmark Test score and Lexile range. You can also see the year-to-date changes in Benchmark Test performance for the school, class, or student that you're reviewing.

  6. Click Performance Level to see which students are working above, on, or below grade level based on their Benchmark Test scores and grade-level Lexile targets. You can see the number of students, as well as the percentage of students in your district, school, or class, that are performing above, on, or below grade level.