Reviewing results from the Benchmark Test

The Benchmark Test provides evidence of student growth over time. Changes in student performance can be tracked by comparing Benchmark Test results to Placement Test and previous BenchmarkTest results.  At the conclusion of testing, student Imagine Language and Literacy Benchmark testing data can be reviewed.  

Reviewing Student Testing Data

To review student results in the Imagine Learning Portal:

  • Log in to the Imagine Learning Portal at
  • First-time users will be directed to the Imagine Language & Literacy portal.  
    • Select the Imagine Language & Literacy option. Lnaguage_and_Learning_Suite_Landing_Page.JPG
  •  On the Home page, under Growth, Select Benchmark Test.Benchmark_Student_Status_1.JPG
  • Select GrowthBenchmark_Student_Status_2.JPG
  • The Benchmark results page will populate.
  • Select the desired Testing Period from the drop-down menu.Reviewing_Student_Benchmark_Data_3.JPG
  • Class and individual student results can be viewed. 
    • Reviewing Benchmark results for the class (list of students):
      • Click the Gains button at the upper right of the screen to see a list of students’ results for the Benchmark Beginning, Middle, End; year-to-date changes in Benchmark performance; most recent Benchmark score; and target Lexile range. 
      • Click the Performance Level button at the upper right to see a class summary of how many, what percentage, and which students have Benchmark scores above, on, one level below, and two or more levels below their grade-level Lexile target.Reviewing_Student_Benchmark_Data_4.JPG

For more information, see Interpreting Student Bench Mark Test Scores