Administering the Benchmark Test

The Placement Test is administered the first-time students logs in to Imagine Language & Literacy.  The Placement Test also serves as an initial Benchmark test. To help ensure that the Benchmark test appropriately places students within the program, complete these actions before students log in:

Preparation: Computer Use

  • Students using Imagine Language & Literacy on a laptop or desktop computer should be using computers that they are familiar with, if possible.  Students will also need headphones for the assessment.
  • For more information, see Imagine Language & Literacy System Requirements.

Preparation: Create Login Cards

  • Students will need their login card to access the Imagine Language and Literacy Benchmark Test.  For more information, see Printing Login Cards 

Preparation: Login Display

  • Use a projector or smartboard to show students the Imagine Language & Literacy login screen.
    Make note of the username field and how to click into the password field.
    Demonstrate how to use the ‘eye’ icon in the password field to display students’ passwords as they type.



Testing: Student Preparation 

Explain to students why they will be completing the assessment. The sample script provided below may be useful and can be adapted to suit specific implementation setups.

“The next time you log in to Imagine Language & Literacy, a test will appear. It will help me see how much you’ve learned. Keep your eyes on your own screen. If you don’t know the answer to a question, just try your best and go on to the next question. If you need help, raise your hand quietly and I will come help you.”

Testing: Testing Times

  •  Beginning, Middle, and End Benchmark Tests take approximately 25 minutes to complete. Individual completion times will vary, depending on students’ skill levels: the time required may range from 10 minutes to 60 minutes.

Testing: Logging In

  • Remind students they must type their username and password exactly as shown on the login card. Be sure to allow extra time to help students who need help logging in. Confirm that students can hear program audio after they log in.

Testing: Student Monitoring

  • During the placement test monitor students and encourage them to stay on task.
  • Watch for students who are clicking through without reading the items. Encourage these students to read each item carefully and to do their best. Remind students to provide their best guess on a question even if they do not think they know the answer.  Ensure that students do not receive assistance to answer questions.  

Testing: Pausing a Test that has been started


  • If a student has a different language set as their first language, the instructions for the benchmark will be given in their first language, but the benchmark content will still be solely in English.

Testing: Troubleshooting 

Concern Possible Solution
No Sound Ensure the volume settings is turned up
No Sound Ensure the headphones are plugged into a USB jack.
Mouse Issue Ensure the mouse is plugged into a USB jack
Connectivity Issues Be sure the computer is connected to the appropriate WiFi or hardwired connection
Frozen Computer If a computer freezes during testing, closeout of the current browser and follow the login directions again. The student will automatically be placed where they left off when the computer froze.

Testing: Conclusion of testing

  • Allow students to continue using Imagine Language & Literacy until their session ends (some students may finish the test before their session is complete). Students will be automatically logged out when their session ends.