Changing a teacher to a school administrator (Administrators)


Should you find a Managed by SIS message next to accounts, it means your district uses a Student Information System integration tool to manage student, teacher, classroom, and administrator accounts within your district. Contact your district's IT Staff prior to attempting to updating an account.

This article explains how as a District Administrator or School Administrator, you can switch the role assignment of a teacher to that of a school administrator. The process for accomplishing this task involves two separate steps; first, the teacher account needs to be deactivated and second, that person needs to be added back to the school as a school administrator by either adding them or inviting them. District Administrators can access and change any teacher in the district, while School Administrators  can access and change only those teachers in their school. If you are needing to change a school administrator to a teacher, see Changing a school administrator to a teacher (District Administrators).

To change a teacher to a school administrator

  1. Follow the steps in Activating and deactivating educators
  2. Follow the steps in either Adding educators or Inviting educators, to add them as a school administrator.


To change a District Administrator to any other role, please email a request to