Using ClassLink for automated rostering

ClassLink is used for districts with more than 200 students to automatically transfer the roster data of Educators and Students to the Imagine Learning products used by that district. This is accomplished using the ClassLink Tool. This allows you to prepare your roster data using templates that the ClassLink application provides.

This illustration provides an overview of the ClassLink tools and processes.


ClassLink Launchpad and Imagine Learning

ClassLink Launchpad uploads your roster data to the various Imagine Learning products that your district, school, or classes use. Our Imagine Learning Experience Operations team monitors the final result of transfers, helping to ensure that your Educators and Students are successfully rostered at the beginning of each year, and throughout the year, as needed.

See the ClassLink Launchpad user guide on ClassLink's support site for more information.


Imagine Learning is not involved in either the Launchpad setup or the roster transfer process that ClassLink controls. For help with ClassLink functions and rostering, see the ClassLink support site.