Activating and Deactivating Educators

As a District Administrator or School Administrator, you can activate or deactivate school administrators or teachers from the Educators page.  Activating an educator simply means setting their School Administrator or Teacher account to an active state, allowing them to log into Imagine Math. Deactivating is the opposite, where their account is set to an inactive state, preventing them from logging in. 

Before you begin:

  • Make sure you have the name of the school administrator or teacher you want to activate or deactivate.

To activate or deactivate a School Administrator or Teacher

  1. From the navigation pane, click Management > Educators, to open the Educators for [your district or your school] page.
  2. Choose one of the following:
    • Deactivate an account -- Click Active, to display the list of currently active educators, as shown in the following image.


    • Activate an account -- Click Inactive, to display the list of currently inactive educators, as shown in the following image.


  3. Locate the School Administrator or Teacher account and click.

    You can use the Active and Role selectors to narrow the scope of the list, or use the Search feature to search for a specific educator's name. 

    When deactivating an account, you are asked to confirm, as doing so removes the educator's ability to log into Imagine Math.  

    When activating or deactivating an account, a panel opens asking you to confirm your action.

  4. Click OK.
  5. To verify that your change completed successfully, from the Active drop-down, select the opposite list (Inactive if you just deactivated an account, or Active if you just activated an account) and look for the name of the educator you deactivated or activated. 

For related information, see Changing a School Administrator to a Teacher (District Administrators).