Editing group information

You can change the information for a existing group. You can edit the name of the group and modify which staff members are assigned to it. Administrators can edit any group in their organization; Teachers can edit group(s) that are already assigned to them.

To edit a group

  1. On the Dashboard, click Manage Groups under the Manage heading.

  2. Search or page to find the group that you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit () next to the group that you want to edit.

    The Edit Group screen displays.


  4. Modify this information:
    Field Description
    Name Modify the name of the group.

    Modify the staff members that are associated with this group.

    To associate staff members to the group, choose the staff member name from the drop-down list.

    To remove a staff member from the group, click the X by the staff member name.

  5. Click Save.