Using Clever: Requesting filters to limit district, school, and class information

There are times when District Administrators, School Administrators, and Educators need to set filters within Clever to prevent some of school or class information that is shared with Imagine Learning by the district or individual schools from being sent through Clever to one of the Imagine Learning products. This happens when school, class, or student information is shared with Imagine Learning, but that information contains more data from Clever than the district intends to be transferred to their current Imagine Learning products on the district's account. This is sometimes the case if your district, schools, or Educators, have difficultly with, or are unable to adjust the Clever sharing rules for your account.


The filters that have been set by an Imagine Learning employee for a district can be seen by clicking on the "Sharing" tab of a district's home screen in a specific product. An explanation of a specific filter can typically be found on the district's "Overview" page in the "District Info" box where it says "District Note". This explanation will normally include the name or initials of the person(s) that created, added to, or changed the filter as well as the date that they did so.