Assigning student accounts to a group

Groups are required to track individual and collective student performance and usage. Each student should be assigned to at least one group. Both Administrators and Teachers can assign students to a group. You can also assign a student to a group when you create a new student account (either by importing roster data with group assignments or creating a new student account).

Administrators can assign students to any group assigned to the organization. Teachers can only assign students to groups that the staff member is assigned to. You can add as many students to an account as you need to. You can also assign the same student to multiple groups, if necessary.

To assign students to a group

  1. On the Dashboard, click Manage Groups under the Manage heading.

  2. Search or scroll to find the group that you want to add students to.
  3. Click Manage Students () next to the group that you want to assign students to.
  4. Click Add.

  5. Click Add Students Manually to either create new student accounts to assign to the group, or select from existing student accounts.  
  6. Choose the School you want to add the student to and click Next.
  7. Right now, you'll need to select the Group again and click Next.
  8. Click Choose Existing Students to assign existing student accounts to the group and click Next.
    If you need to create new student accounts, click Create New Students and then following the refer to the Creating a student account article for information on fields, if needed. Click Next.


  9. Click the checkbox next to the students' names, then click Next.


  10. Assign the product(s) the student will be permitted to access and click Next.


  11. Choose whatever product settings apply to the products you've permitted and click Save.

    If a product setting does not apply, it does not appear.


  12. In the Product Assignment Summary screen, click Done.