Adding educators in Imagine Math (Administrators)


When you find the message Managed by SIS next to accounts or classes, this means your district uses a Student Information System integration tool to manage student, teacher, classroom, and administrator accounts within your district. In order to add or update educator account information, you'll need to first contact your district's IT Staff to complete certain actions.

Prior to logging into Imagine Math, educators, which includes school administrators and teachers (in this article, "teachers" includes all equivalent roles), need to have an educator account added for them. Their accounts can be added through an invitation, or by adding them. Inviting an educator allows them to set up their own password, while adding allows you to create their password, which they can change once they log in.

As a District Administrator or School Administrator, you can add school administrators and teachers to Imagine Math. Teachers can be added either individually or in bulk, though school administrators can only be added individually. When adding a single educator (school administrator or teacher), it may be easiest to do so individually. Adding multiple teachers to a school would be easier doing so in bulk, especially if adding teachers to different classes. After adding a teacher individually, you'll need to assign them to a class, while adding teachers in bulk allows you to add their classes at the same time, though you'll need to be comfortable with editing a CSV file. 

Regardless of the method you choose for adding teachers, the information you'll need is basically the same, though the bulk method requires that you also add a class (classroom) for each teacher.  More information about these two methods can be found under Key points. 


Currently, Imagine Math requires each educator to have a unique email address specific to the role they perform. If you have an Educator who performs duties in Imagine Math that span multiple roles, you'll need to create multiple accounts, each with its own unique email address. A secondary or personal email address can be used for an additional account, so the educator can still perform all the functions they need to.

Key points:

Methods for adding School Administrators and Teachers

  • Individually add an educator -- Using this method allows you to add one school administrator or teacher at a time, and create their initial password. When using this method, you are asked to provide the first and last name, email address and a password for the school administrator or teacher you are adding (for more information, see Adding an individual educator).
  • Bulk add teachers and classes -- Using this method allows you to add multiple teachers to a school and assign each one to a different class. This method requires using a CSV file that you must first create from a downloadable template. In the template you supply basically the same information as with the individual method, though you also need to include the class that each teacher will be assigned to. You can then import that file, which in turn adds the teachers to the school. When the upload finishes successfully, you can view and edit the newly added teacher accounts on the Educators page (for more information, see Adding teachers and classes in bulk). If the Class already exists, the teacher will simply be assigned to it; if the class does not yet exist, the Bulk method also creates the class account.