Accepting an educator invite

As a School Administrator or Teacher (in this article, "teacher" encompasses all roles equivalent to an educator) you may receive an email from Imagine Learning with a link directing you to our Imagine Math site. Clicking the link, allows you to finish setting up your educator account and initiates your first login to Imagine Math. You'll have the opportunity to review the first and last name originally entered for your account, and change either if you like. For example, if everyone at your school knows you by your middle name, you can use it as a First name substitute. You'll also be asked for a password, and to confirm it. Once you're done, you're automatically logged into Imagine Math for the first time. Note that whatever name and password you set will be your Imagine Math login credentials from this point forward. 


Be sure to check all email inboxes for the email from Imagine Learning. 

To accept an invite

  1. Click on the link in the email you received.

    A setup page opens in your default browser.


  2. Review the First and Last name, and replace with substitutes if you want. 
  3. Enter a Password and Confirm it.  
  4. Click Save and Login.

    The Imagine Math application opens to display your personal dashboard.

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